Our founder, Yaz, has always been very passionate about successes and inspiring stories that involve girls. Being born in the G-generation (that’s Google generation btw, LOL), she would search about successful women or girls around the world almost everyday, and get inspired by their stories, over and over again. She believes that every girl — not just limited to the publicised successful ones only — has a story to inspire that can benefit other girls, one way or another.

So, on Undeez’s 4th year anniversary, she’s decided to give back. And because (quoting Sara Blakely, the youngest self-made billionnaire) “women empowering other women is good for the world”, Yaz wants to build an all-girls society that does more than just a gossip column or goes to Girl Guides camps, that revolves around positive vibes, that shares real-girl stories, that inspires girls, and that motivates girls to take on their ventures with pride and confidence (and of course, a slight girly-ness, why not, right? ).

She is basically building a Girlfriends society; almost like where you have a bunch of girlfriends that think that you have the craziest wildest dreams but never question them and still keep on supporting you all the way. Yeah, that one 🙂

Everyone is welcome to become a girlfriend and join us. We are starting off this project with sharing motivational quotes and inspirational stories on our blog, as well as on @gfsociety Instagram account, and you are always welcome share your inspirational stories with us 🙂

Til next time,


Xo, Girlfriend

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